Find the Lyrics to a Song without using Media Player or Web Browser

The lyrics are the most important aspect of a song, and sometimes as music listeners, we would love to know the lyrics in order to sing along. Searching for any particular lyrics using Bing Lyrics is easy, but what if we could do it without ever having to open the web browser – or without using Windows Media Player? To find the lyrics of an MP3 music file without the need of a web browser and a media player, one needs to download a neat little program called Lyrics Finder.

Find the Lyrics to a Song

Once you have downloaded and installed Lyrics Finder on your Windows PC, it is practically smooth sailing from this point.
Open Lyrics Finder and press the “Add File” button at the top left corner of the program, or “Add Folder” to add a whole album. Lyrics Finder will connect to the Internet and download all the lyrics of every song as long as they are available.
When lyrics have been found, each song will have a green circle attached at the left. Click on the songs on the left and watch as the lyrics appear in the box on the right. The program also allows for the playing of songs while the lyrics are available, which means Lyrics Finder can be used for karaoke purposes.
Our main gripe with Lyrics Finder is the fact that while adding songs is an easy task, deleting them is impossible at the moment. The only way to do it is to restart the program, but that is not good enough because it means that users will have to read songs they had no intention of deleting from the list.
We suspect the amount of lyrics available and the quality will all depend on the source Lyrics Finder is using. Unfortunately, we can’t tell, but so far we haven’t come across any issues where finding lyrics is concerned. Furthermore, the lyrics found are correct from our test.
At the end of the day though, Lyrics Finder is easy to use and does what it sets out to do perfectly, at least in our tests. We’ve tested several similar programs in the past, and while they are feature rich, they are not this easy to use. All that is needed in the next update is the ability to delete songs without having to close the program, and Lyrics Finder will no doubt achieve perfection.

Lyrics Finder software free download

Press the orange download button on this page to download the program, then open the set-up wizard and follow instructions to install it on your Windows PC.


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