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Wikipedia does not need any introduction and it is well known to everyone, as it is one of the places where everyone lands on to find the information. Apart from just browsing and digging through the information using Wikipedia, have you ever thought of what else can be done there? Wouldnt it be great if you could gain knowledge having fun, using Wikipedia? If your answer is yes, then this article will let you know about 3 Wikipedia games you must play, which are entirely based on Wikipedia articles.
Wikipedia Games list
There may be many games online, but playing a game which involves Wikipedia articles entirely is somewhat exciting and interesting. Have a look at these Wikipedia games which you can play using Wikipedia articles.
WikiAata is a guessing game and it involves little bit of puzzle. It has simple rules and the game is all about dealing with the Wikipedia articles. You will be given starting and the ending article and you need to start from the first article and reach the last or destination article using the hyperlinks of the first article. You can view the related Wikipedia articles as tabs.
Wikipedia Games
Just tap on the tabs and look at the related Wikipedia articles. Click on the hyperlinks and reach the last article which is under the last tab. You will be given certain number of clicks to reach the destination Wikipedia article. Before, starting the game, you need to sign in to your Google Account. Later, click on Start Playing button and the game starts. Points are based on how quickly you complete the game.
wikiaata wikipedia game
Play it wisely and get your name on the leader board. Once you reach the last article (I mean, you won the game), you can rate the puzzle. You can skip the puzzle anytime, if you do not want to play the current puzzle.


Catfishing is the one that was in existence from almost 10 years. It is purely based on how good you can guess the article. You are given some clues from a Wikipedia article and you need to think a loud to guess the subject. You are only given some topics from that related Wikipedia article and you need to guess the respective article.
Catfishing Wikipedia game
Once you got the article, click on Reveal answer blue colored link and it shows the right answer. If it is same as you thought, then click on I got it, else click on I didn’t get it. Based on the number of correct answers you get, your score will be decided. Scoring is entirely depends on how honest you are. You can even search for articles you want in order to guess the answer.


WikiMaze is games which looks similar to playing a quiz. It asks question with some answers and only 2 attempts to get that question right. If you get it right, it takes you some maze and you need to move forward to backward.
Wikimaze Game
I just came across this game recently and even I was trying hard to understand it completely. As of now, I came to understand that, we need to complete the maze by getting all the answers right. If you did not get the right answer in the given attempts, it shows you the correct answer and can visit that respective Wikipedia article.
Wikimaze wikipedia game
It also allows you to edit that Wikipedia page, if you have found something wrong. Based on the answers you get correctly, your score is decided.
These are some of the best Wikipedia games I came across and want to share with you. Gaining knowledge along with fun is a great way to learn. If you aware of any such funny and useful things to do with Wikipedia, please do share with us through comments.


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