Sputnik: Best free desktop RSS Feed Reader for Windows

Nowadays, many people prefer to read their daily news on tablets and computers via different RSS feed readers, as they can consolidate all the news in one place. You can certainly start using Feedly, Flipboard, etc. those work great as a feed reader. However, if your days start with a Windows PC and ends with the same, here is a free desktop RSS Reader, that assists users to read their most favorite blogs right from the desktop. Sputnik is probably the finest desktop client to read RSS feed. It is free and portable!

Sputnik – Free Desktop RSS Feed Reader

Sputnik comes with nearly all the popular features of a typical RSS reader like Feedly. It is even possible to import feeds to this client in a click. To begin using this software, you will need either the website address or its Feed URL or exported feed file, which you can get from any third party RSS reader.
If you have this URL or file, you are ready to start using it. After opening Sputnik, unzip it and double-click on the file to open up. Right after opening it, you will see the following screen:

You can add your favorite sites manually or you can import feeds from any exported file. To add a site, click on Add feedbutton and enter your site URL or feed URL. If you want to import feed from file, just click on the Import feed from file.
If you add site, it will be added immediately. However, if you import file, it will take a couple of seconds to be added. After being added, your reader will look like this:
Sputnik  article
In the left hand side, you will get all the added sites and in the right hand side, you will get the latest articles. You can maximize your window and start reading. The next article will be placed at the end of one article. You can also click on any particular site to read particular news only. If you want to read the same news in your browser, click on the article title.
To add more sites, just click on Add feed button.
Add feed to sputnik
After that, write down the desired site URL or RSS feed URL. You can also select a category to categorize your sites.
enter site url sputnik
Finally, hit the Done button. Your site will be added instantly.

Sputnik settings and keyboard shortcuts

You can change the number of articles that you would like to display on a single page. You can also delete articles which are older than particular time.
This desktop client also has some useful keyboard shortcuts, which can help you navigate through numerous sites:
  • Right Click: Mark current article as read and jump to next article.
  • Space bar: Same as right click.
  • Up/Down Arrow: Scroll up and down
  • Left/Right Arrow: Next and previous article
  • Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow: Jump to next or previous page
  • Enter: Mark a category as read.
Sputnik can help you to get rid of a cluttered RSS feed reader. You can easily read various websites right from desktop. You can download it from here. The development of this freeware has however been discontinued now.


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