WhatsApp voice calling goes live, here's how to get it on Android phones

It seems WhatsApp is finally rolling out the long awaited voice calling feature to all Android phones in India. The feature has been rumoured for a while now, with users reporting that voice calling has appeared on their WhatsApp Messengers, but there were also reports that the company has rolled it back. WhatsApp was believed to be testing the feature and cinducting 'soak tests' before going live. Looks like, the service and feature is not ready for prime time! While no official word has been recieved from the company yet, but many users are claiming that the feature is now active. According to reports, users will recieve an update to their app, which will add the voice calling feature.

The WhatsApp versions 2.11.528/531 are the ones that have the voice calling feature active. In fact, even newer versions like 2.12.5 and others haven't got the update yet. Once you get the required version of WhatsApp, a voice calling option will appear alongside the options on the top right of your screen. WhatsApp usually shows the Search, Friends and Menu options, but the update will bring a 'Voice Calling' option as well.

There are several webites where the apk for this version of WhatsApp is available, but it would be advisable to be patient. If you haven't recieved the update yet, then you should soon. If you do have a trusted source though, then you may go ahead and try the feature. The WhatsApp voice calling feature has been talked about a lot, for some time now. The company originally started rolling it out to users, but then stopped doing so. A number of bloggers have claimed that they got the update as well. Alternatively, there are also a number of scam messages being sent, asking users to click on various links to activate the Voice Calling feature. It would be wise to ignore such messages. WhatsApp voice calling can be recieved only through an OTA update sent by the company. 


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