AnyDesk: Best Free TeamViewer Alternative

If you are working as a team, this is impossible that you haven’t heard about TeamViewer. If you are looking for aTeamViewer alternative, then this free software called AnyDesk may interest you. This fast remote desktop software has DeskRT, a new video codec at its core.

AnyDesk review

As AnyDesk is a free portable software. If you want to use it for a long time, you can consider installing this using its installer.
To get started, at first, download AnyDesk on both the PCs. Next double-click on the executable file to open it. You will get a window that looks like the following picture:

Teamviewer alternative

A unique code will be appear on your screen. You can find this type of code, only if the software is not installed. Otherwise, you will get the unique with the Computer name.
Now, just enter this unique code of one PC in another PC’s AnyDesk window – under Remote Desk tab and hit theConnect button.
That means, if you have two PCs called “A” & “B” and you want to access “A” from “B”, just copy the code from “A” and paste it on “B”.
After hitting the Connect button, you will get the Windows Firewall popup for this new connection. Just allow it to access AnyDesk.
Windows Firewall Windows
At the same time, you will get a confirmation pop-up on the second PC that you want to access from your primary PC.
Teamviewer alternative
You can hit the Accept button or consider checking few options. The options are as follows,
  • Allow to hear sound
  • Allow to take control
  • Allow to use clipboard
  • Allow to block keyboard and mouse
If you remove the tick mark from corresponding option, the feature will be unavailable. Otherwise, the main PC owner will be able to access everything.
Chat with Friends using AnyDesk
AnyDesk allows users to chat with the connected PC owner. Just click on Chat button from the primary PC and write down your message.
AnyDesk chat window
The message will appear on the second PC.
AnyDesk Chat Window on Second PC
AnyDesk also provides some other options after connecting. You will see the following options on your screen:
  • Change view mode (full screen, original, shrink, stretch)
  • Quality: best audio/video quality, balanced, optimized, according to connection speed/data speed
  • Show/hide remote cursor
  • Allow/prevent mouse and keyboard control
  • Take snapshot.
Considering all things, AnyDesk is really a useful tool. You can download AnyDesk from here. As of now, you can use AnyDesk to connect with only Windows PC’s.

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  1. Testen Sie und verwenden Sie AEROADMIN und Sie werden sehen, das ist eine GRATIS app, die alle Ihre Bedürfnisse für Remote Desktop deckt:
    - arbeitet hinter NAT
    - ohne Registrierung und Konfiguration
    - ist einfach und schnell




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