Most useful Websites on the Internet that you must visit

Most of us surf the Internet daily. But when exploring, how frequently do you came across useful websites? There are a lot of useful websites you may be visiting at least once. But sometimes, you may feel at a loss and wonder which site to visit. In such cases, some of these websites may interest you. Here os a list of useful & interesting websites, some helpful, yet others just for fun. Some of these may interest students as well. Visit them when you are bored!
Most Useful Websites
I will take you through few useful websites among many. I felt really amazed after knowing them and thought of sharing them with you. So, let’s jump in to the list without any further delay.
  1. dictation.io
It is an online dictation website. You can start speaking and the words you speak appear on the screen with the help of online voice recognition in the browser itself.
  1. zerodollarmovies.com
This website provides you the list of movies which you can watch on YouTube for free. You are also provided with instant search. Watch your favorite movie on YouTube for free!
  1. screenr.com
This helps you to record whatever you do on your Windows desktop and share the URL with any one you want. You can even upload the recordings of your desktop straight to YouTube.
  1. Wolfram Alpha
Wolfram Alpha is a knowledge-based search engine. It gives you the solutions – not like other search engines, which just give you the links to other websites.. Get to know how best you can make use of Wolfram Alpha.
  1. lmgtfy.com
Let Me Google That for you’ is very useful if your friend is too lazy to Google. Visit the website, enter the search and share the generated link with your friends. 
  1. Rainy Mood
When you are feeling bored or irritated, just visit this website. It generates a rain sound and you will feel comfortable for sure.
  1. Soundrown
It is similar to Rainy Mood, but offers some more options. You can listen to rain sound, birds voice, sound generated at coffee shop, train sound and many more sounds all at once to boost your mood.
  1. e.ggtimer.com
Use this website as an online timer to complete your daily tasks. You can set the timer for 5 minutes or 10 minutes or any time you want.
  1. Microsoft 15 minute webinars
Want to know how to use Microsoft Word, Excel or any other Microsoft Office help? Then, you must visit this website for sure. You will get to know how to use Microsoft Office products.
  1. copypastecharacter.com
If you want to use any special character which is not present on your keyboard, then this website will be very helpful. It provides you with a wide variety of special characters.

  1. followupthen.com
It helps you the send email reminders. If you want to perform a task at a particular time, then this would be helpful. It will remind you of the task by email.
  1. random.org
You might need to generate random numbers or flip a coin and more. This website would help you for sure.
  1. tubemogul.com
Wondering how to upload a video to other video sites along with YouTube? Then, this website will help you to upload videos to other video sites like Daily Motion, Vimeo and more, with a single action.
  1. hundredzeros.com
Are you fond of reading novels and books in Kindle? This website allows you to download free kindle books.
  1. similarsites.com
If you want to find similar sites to the website you are interested in, then this website helps you to find them. Just enter the website address for which you want to find similar sites and it generates a list of similar websites.
  1. downforeveryoneorjustme.com
This website will be let you know whether the website you want is down only for your or for everyone.
  1. mailvu.com
This one will help you to send to video email using your webcam to anyone.
  1. privnote.com
This helps you to create text notes and will self-destruct after they are being read. Create notes, share the link and once the recipient reads the note, it get destroyed. The service will even notify you once the note gets destroyed.
  1. mixlr.com
It is useful to broadcast your audio. You just concentrate on what you need to speak and this website will broadcast your audio all over the web.
  1. 10minutemail
Want to beat spam? If you want to use an email address somewhere, but are not interested in receiving any updates from the service or website, use this website to generate a temporary email address which will be valid for only 10 minutes.
Useful Websites for Students
Here are some useful websites which may specifically interest students.
  1. Create Love Charts
If you want to create neat flow charts, network diagrams and more, you can use this website. It is very easy to create any kind of flow chart.
  1. codeacademy.com
Want to learn any programming or need to code online? Visit this website and learn coding online.
  1. Essay Typer
Want to correct content for the topic? Visit this website and enter the title. Keep on pressing the “Enter” button and you will see that content being generated for you on the screen automatically. It is advised to read the content thoroughly, before you take it down.
Essay Typer
  1. polishmywriting.com
Use this website to check grammar and spelling errors. Place the content you wrote in the place provided and it shows you the grammar and spelling errors.
  1. Khan Academy
I hope this does not require any introduction. Just head over to the website and there are various free lessons available for most of the courses.
    6. Lumosity
This website provides you puzzle games and brain storming games. Visit this website when you have some time and take up te challenges offered.


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