Create and Format bootable USB flash drives with Rufus

Rufus stands for the Reliable USB Formatting Utility with Source. It is a tiny and lightweight utility for Windows PC, that helps to easily format, as well as create USB drives, such as USB keys, memory-sticks, and USB pen-drives etc., which are bootable and user-friendly. It has advanced and standard options to suit all the skill levels.
Create bootable media easily

This tool has a user friendly interface which looks like the built-in format panel of Windows. We can choose a partition scheme, device, cluster size, target system type, new volume label and file system types – like NTFS, FAT32, exFATand UDF..
There are a few basic formatting options available, which help us check the device to see if there are any bad blocks. It also helps in the selection of algorithms (from type 1 to type 4), we can create an extendable label, quick format mode and icon files. A bootable disk is created using the ISO image. Rufus tool records all the activities to a different panel, and it is saved into a log file.
This multifaceted tool is useful when:
  • USB installation media need to be created from bootable ISOs (Linux, Windows, and UEFI)
  • A person wants to work on a computer in which an OS is not installed
  • For the purpose of flashing a BIOS or any other DOS, firmware is required
  • A person wishes to run a low-level utility.
New features in Rufus 2.1.649:
  • 32 bit support range for UEFI: NTFS boot
  • Addition of Advanced mode stand-alone UEFI: NTFS with boot installation
  • Disable support for hidden GRUB version ISOs
  • Repair and correct Windows UEFI installation related issues while using GPT/NTFS.
  • generating a repair of 32 bit installation flash drives in UEFI Windows 10.

Rufus for Windows free download

Rufus is arguably the best solution for creating and formatting a bootable USB drive. Download your copy of Rufus from the official website here.


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