How Old Do I Look website from Microsoft

Everyone wants to know – Do I look younger or older than I actually am? Well for all those who have this question, there is now a website that can guess you age and your gender from any photograph.

How Old Do I Look

Microsoft recently released a Face detection API. Based on this API, it took a couple of developers just a day to put this website together. This website allows users to upload their photograph. The API then tries to guess the age and gender of any faces recognized in that picture.
Face APIs are a part of Microsoft Project Oxford, which provides state-of-the-art algorithms to process face images, including gender, age, recognition, alignment and other application-level features.
The key components of this website are:
  1. Extracting the gender and age of the people in these pictures.
  2. Obtaining real-time insights on the data extracted above.
  3. Creating real-time dashboards to view the above results.
We also got real-time insights to learn more about how people were using this tool. For instance, we assumed that folks would not want to upload their own pictures but would prefer to select from pre-canned images such as what they found online. But we what we found out was that over half the pictures analyzed were of people who had uploaded their own images, said Microsoft.
The results were not bad too. The website put my age at 47, whereas I am a couple of years older than that.
Go visit how-old.net and see what it has to say about you. Let us know if it guessed correctly about you.


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